The Life of a Child

Hello Friends!

Remember a couple of blog posts back when I described why I entitled this blog, “Life as seen through a stained glass window?” I talked about how naturally, I am not one who is prone to see the positive in life and typically the view from my window is pretty serious and heavy-hearted. However, when I am looking through the lens of heaven, and through the eyes of the Holy Spirit, it is as if I am looking through a stained glass window. Everything is suddenly brighter, fuller, and more beautiful. Everything is transformed and filled with the pleasures of living in His presence.

Well, I am going to be very vulnerable with you today. Lately, I have not been seeing life through all the colors of the rainbow (Excuse my cheesy Christian song lyric reference). Rather, I have allowed the uncertainties of the world and my own plans distract me from the ultimate purpose in my life- Delighting myself in the Lord. I feel as though I need to be honest as to the struggles that I have been feeling as I know that doing so releases power from the enemy.

There is much in this world that can steal our joy. If I’m not careful, it’s easy to allow depression, frustration, and anxiousness to begin to choke out His voice. Sometimes I feel as though I am grasping at straws just to reach Him. Yet, I feel like He is beginning to speak something new to my heart….

“I tell you the truth, anyone who doesn’t receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it.” -Mark 10:15

I have been wrestling with this verse for some time now. Having had the opportunity to work in kids ministry quite extensively for the past two years, I have had a burning passion for children to come to know what it means to have a intimate relationship with the Father. However, as much as I think I am teaching them, they are teaching me much more.

Have you ever noticed how most children have absolutely no concept of time? Nothing exists apart from the present. There is no “next task” weighing heavily on their minds, no “future to plan for”, no responsibility that must be urgently worked through. What is before them is before them and they will be all in to that which is before them until the next thing comes up, at which point there is no anxiousness in its approach, no regret for what was or was not accomplished, and no pressure to get there at any certain time. There is now…and that is enough.

At what point in our lives, does the next thing captivate our attention more than the now thing? At what point do we stop focusing our everything on what is before us and start dividing our time, our energy, and our resources between what is before us and what is to come? At what point do the demands and the constraints of time become so overwhelming that we live with frustration and lack of peace as our constant companion?

I don’t know at what point in our lives we begin to make this switch, but I think that the most likely it comes when we become an “adult”. No longer do we have time to sit in awe of the present, but we must be constantly moving, constantly striving, constantly achieving. We must suck it up, grow up, be mature. We must make something of ourselves. We must accomplish things and be busy.

Busy-ness. It is becoming as a curse word to me. And what in all our busy running around do we hope to achieve? Seems to me that we only make less peace for ourselves…..

But a child….they are not busy. Or else, they should not be. They should be content to be still and to be completely and utterly fascinated. They should be captivated by the present, unworried about what is to come in the future. Indeed the future does not exist to them. It cannot. It is unknown, and if it is unknown they should leave it at that until the moment when it can become known.

And why do they experience this peace? Because they have complete trust in their parents to take care of them.  When it is time to go, mom will alert me. When it is time to move on to a new activity, dad will redirect me to that new thing. Then the future will become known to me…..and yet then it wont even really be the future anymore. It will be present.

I am an adult. And I act like an adult most of the time. I am responsible. I am frugal. I am organized and give much care to my ways that I may be faithful in what has been given me, but I am dominated most of the time by thoughts of what is to come. I am governed by the future. I am also planning, always seeming to be striving, and for what….I am not always sure. I have much to learn from the children…..

If Jesus has called us to come as a child before Him, then that means that I must change my way of thinking. I must digress and I must unlearn what has been ingrained into me for many years. I must be a child inside an adults body. Though I am not saying that I should be childish and silly (although at some points I may need to be), I am saying that my approach to my future, to my daily responsibilities, and to life itself, must all be approached as through the mind of a child….completely at peace, fully trusting, joyful and delighted, enraptured with life, loving fully and extravagantly.

And so, I shall henceforth begin my very first series on my blog called “The life of a child”. If you were struck at all by what was written today, I would encourage you to continue to follow me as I take this journey through grace and through the standpoint of a child. May I ever hope to be more like the kids in my life….

With Love,



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